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Car enthusiasts hoping to gather for some motoring fun will have to stay home, parked in their garages for now. Today, both the 2020 Woodward Dream Cruise and 2021 Geneva Motor Show were cancelled due to concerns with COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic. The fate of the Woodward Dream Cruise was dire last month when cities began voting to cancel the event, and organizers for the Geneva Motor Show have been honest about the show’s financial uncertainties after canceling the one for 2020.

Woodward, the one-day pilgrimage for one million car enthusiasts, was set for Saturday, August 15. The one-day event has turned into a week-long affair since its inaugural show in 1995 with an estimated 40,000 people descending along Woodward Avenue. Events, booths, and pop-up car shows often lined the famous street with automakers joining with their own displays. Organizers posted a notice to the cruise’s website that this year’s gathering has been cancelled.

Canceling the 2020 Geneva Motor Show caused the organizing body to take a financial hit. According to The Verge, with the majority of exhibitors preferring to skip the 2021 show for 2022, organizers had no choice but to cancel next year’s event. The Geneva show is one of the biggest in the world where automakers often reveal important new models and concepts, especially luxury and performance automakers like Mercedes, Ferrari, and Koenigsegg.

Woodward and the 2021 Geneva show are just the latest in a string of cancellations related to the automotive industry. At the end of last month, organizers cancelled the rescheduled 2020 New York Auto Show, which was set for August, while the British Motor Show was pushed to 2021. The cancellation of events is just one effect of the virus. Automakers have had to cease production at many plants around the world, though operations are beginning to return.

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