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Ever since Renault decided to revive its in 2017, together, they've given the world some neat cars. While they might not be volume sellers, variants of the Alpine A110 are highly regarded and enjoyed by enthusiasts. While they have their niche market and have more models on the way, it seems that Renault has some thinking to do regarding the future of Alpine. According to Autocar UK, there's a big chance that the future of Alpine will very well depend on electrification, and in doing so, will strengthen its place among Renault's brands. 

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According to Renault Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard: “Clearly, Alpine is a beautiful brand and we do have to look very, very seriously at the future of this brand to see how it can bring added value to the group.” This news comes just after Renault's recent restructuring and cost-cutting drive to save at least $2.2B over the next few years, reducing jobs in France and worldwide markets by the thousands. What's more, the move directly affects the Alpine A110's future as the Dieppe plant where the car is built will be converted once production ends. 

When asked about the Dieppe factory, Senard said that things cannot continue as they are, and that "The plant does not manufacture enough vehicles for us to discuss its future serenely. We will look to continue to add value to the Dieppe plant." Much of the decision about Alpine is up to incoming chief executive Luca de Meo, who is set to fill the role in July. 

The Renault group plans to focus on the development of electric vehicles from now on, and sources have spoken to Autocar that it is a strong possibility that Alpine will turn into an electric-only performance halo brand. Renault Group design chief Laurens van den Acker stated that it's inevitable, but it's not just about regulations, saying that "People’s expectations will shift and will push us into this direction.”

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