How fast can a Toyota Supra really go? If you take what the Japanese automaker has set for the car, you should only expect 155 miles per hour (249 kilometers per hour) from the sports coupe, which is the electronically-limited top speed.

There are times, however, when the numbers listed at the spec sheet were underrated. Such as this one – a Toyota Supra has been tested at the unrestricted section of the German Autobahn and reached a top speed of 163 mph (263 km/h) or 262 km/h if you'll believe the GPS device used in the test.

Toyota Supra Autobahn Top Speed Run

The video was posted by Cars on Autobahn on Youtube that's embedded on top of this page. What's pretty cool was that the top speed run was in the driver's point of view, which kind of gives you a pretty good view while attempting the high-speed run on public roads.

This isn't the first time that we've seen the Supra exceed its speed limiter on a top speed run. Over a year ago, we've seen a similar test that came up with the same numbers on the odometer at 263 km/h.

Of note, both are still the initially-launched Supra with only 335 horsepower (250 kilowatts) and 368 pound-feet (499 Newton-meters) of torque.

The 2021 Toyota Supra Is Underway:

A new Toyota Supra (A91) with 2021 model year is already in the works, hitting the dealer lots by late June or July. This updated model gets a significant performance boost, jumping to 382 hp (285 kW) with the same amount of torque. With these new output figures, expect the 2021 Supra to go beyond the figures you've seen on the video above.

Meanwhile, a more affordable four-pot 2.0 version will come along with it, too, which aims to reach those who don't want to shed too much money on a Toyota sports coupe.

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