In case you need another reminder to not run from the law, here’s a rather dramatic video showing a police chase in Oklahoma from a couple of days ago. Fortunately, nobody was injured in this short pursuit and the occupants were safely taken into custody without a struggle. That’s good, because the vehicular violence that took place prior to the arrest looked more like something we’d expect to see in a Hollywood blockbuster film.

The video above comes from Fox 2 St. Louis. The chase took place near Oklahoma City and started when the driver of this older Chevrolet Silverado pickup failed to stop for police. According to a report from KFOR in Oklahoma City, police were monitoring an area in a nearby suburb known for drug activity, and attempted to pull the truck over after the driver broke a traffic law.

The driver – identified as 43-year-old Floyd Grass – reportedly hit the gas and never looked back. He entered Interstate 40 and was spun out by a police cruiser, sending the lifted pickup skidding across empty lanes until it struck the center barrier and rolled completely over.

But the chase didn’t end there.

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The truck landed on its wheels, and with the driver side of the cab still relatively intact, Grass continued down the highway. An unidentified passenger probably wasn’t too happy with that, as the passenger side roof took the brunt of the impact and was crushed nearly to the top of the seat. For that matter, the truck apparently had other problems as the speed after the 360-degree roll was very slow.

A few more attempts were made to spin the truck out, but at such slow speed the lifted pickup was actually far more resistant to the punches from police cruisers. Still, with the highway closed and the truck clearly in rough shape, it was simply a matter of time.

In fact, it was just over five minutes from the start of the video to when the driver finally pulled over and exited the vehicle, hands in the air. The passenger followed suit – climbing out the driver side since the passenger side was heavily damaged – and thus the pursuit ended. We have no idea why this driver was running, but it’s safe to say this truck has seen its last trip. And whoa did it go out with a bang.

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