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A new report coming from Australia's Drive talks about the next-gen Mazdaspeed3 (aka Mazda3 MPS) getting an all-wheel drive arrangement.

Apparently this will be Mazda's way of fighting the Volkswagen Golf VII R and other hot models in this class such as the fresh Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG. The car's deputy program manager Takeo Mariuchi said the new generation of the Mazda3 uses the same platform as the CX-5 which means it can receive an all-wheel drive variant. He told Drive that "from a technical point of view it's not difficult to install a four-wheel-drive system."

While the previous Mazda3 MPS had a 263 bhp 2.3-liter turbo engine, the power was sent only to the front axle which resulted in a considerable amount of torque steer. If the car will receive all-wheel drive, not only will it have more traction but we expect Mazda's engineers to add even more power.

Earlier this year we heard rumors about a possible December reveal but this piece of information hasn't been confirmed so far.

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