Toyota Supra and 2JZ – is there another combination in the automotive universe more storied and, dare we say, sacred? Show up to a ‘90s Japanese sports car meet with an LS-swapped A80 Supra and you probably won't make it out without enduring some serious car shaming. For that matter, anything under the hood of a fourth-gen Supra that’s not a 2JZ would likely draw condemnation from Toyota fandom. But how would those enthusiasts feel about a Toyota mill in the engine bay with twice the cylinders?

The team from 1320video encountered such a machine during a trip to Australia. WTF Auto (yes, that’s the real name) is based in the Perth suburb of Kelmscott and they have a something of a fondness for Toyotas. As the video progresses through the shop we pass a row of A80 Supras in various states of modification, but there’s also a very cool second-generation MR2 running a tweaked version of its 3S-GTE generating a positively heroic 880 horsepower. Even the third-generation MR-S gets some love with a manual swap and a built engine making 400 ponies.

But you didn’t click this article to hear about MR2s. The headlining act here is an A80 Supra with a V12 under the hood, and though it’s a work-in-progress, it’s still something to behold. The swap is entirely in the Toyota family as well, with the 5.0-liter 1GZ-FE coming from the Japanese-market Toyota Century limousine. It’s a naturally aspirated DOHC mill with variable valve timing, and with its origins rooted in 1990's Japan it naturally adhered to the gentlemen’s agreement of 276 hp. In reality, the engine was believed to produce a bit over 300 hp, but this particular mill is destined for over 1,000 hp courtesy of prolific boost.

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Getting such an engine to fit in the A80 isn’t easy, as the video discusses a months-long project to simply create a new sump and oil pan. Once completed, it will allow the engine to fit under the hood without extensive body modifications, though we’re certainly wondering where the turbochargers will go. Once might say that building a 2JZ for 1,000 hp would be far easier, but this build isn’t about taking the easy road. Beyond that, the big V12 should offer up its power in a manner that’s much easier to handle, because let's be honest for a moment. A supremely boosted 2JZ – while awesome in its own right – is basically an on-off switch for sheer madness once the boost hits.

There are a few other interesting projects in WTF’s stable highlighted by the video, including a Nissan-swapped AE86. We suspect that offering will be more blasphemous to Toyota fans than the V12 Supra, but peruse the video and let us know what you think of all this insanity.

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