The Toyota Supra has been a mainstay in the world of drifting for some time and the new MKV A90 Supra is ready to make its mark on the 2020 Formula D Season. Papadakis Racing, a Toyota Factory Formula D team had massive success in the past using Scion TCs and Toyota Corollas as their starting point, but this year the team is making a switch to the A90 Supra. The creativity of the Papadakis Racing team was able to turn front-wheel-drive economy cars into a world-beating drift cars, and we’re excited to see how successful they are with a vehicle designed to be a sports car from the beginning. 

Papadakis Racing has a rich history of turning unassuming Toyota products into a championship-winning drift cars. In 2015 the Papadakis Racing Team won the Formula D Championship with their Scion TC Drift car and put up strong competition in the Scion IM hatchback and most recently Corolla Hatchback Drift car. In the past, the team spent a great deal of time converting a front-wheel-drive car into a rear-wheel-drive drift car. The new A90 Toyota Supra is a perfect drift car canvas and we’re excited to see their final product in action.


To document the build of their 1033 horsepower Toyota Supra Drift Car, the Papadakis Racing team lead by Steph Papadakis created a multi-part YouTube series. There you can find enthralling videos documenting the stock engine teardown, new engine rebuild, stock supra tear down, and then the push for the final build. 

Formula D Driver Fredric Aasbo has proved his skills in MKIV Supras which got him into Formula D and we’re excited to see how his experience translates to the new A90. All we need now is a confirmed start date for the 2020 Formula D season to see if the A90 Supra compares to the tried and true MKIV.

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