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The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, has been temporarily closed since March 19, but that’s not stopping the famed institution from educating the public about the two-seat Chevrolet sports car. A new video series called “Vettecademy” is clearly catered to young folks, but we're still gonna watch every episode and learn more about the Chevy Corvette.

There are 13 videos so far in the Vettecademy series, found on the museum’s YouTube and Facebook pages, as well as embedded on a dedicated education page on the website. The videos cover all the Corvette basics, including generational changes, Corvette memorabilia, and technical knowledge like changing your oil. There's even an episode focusing on the famous sinkhole that opened up under the museum, damaging it and many cars in the process. What’s more, the videos feature plenty of ‘Vette eye candy, as these screen captures from the first video, “Generations,” show. 

With schools moving online across the country amid coronavirus fears and families searching for new ways to keep their students engaged and entertained, Vettecademy could not be coming at a more perfect time. With graphics and information bundled perfectly for both growing gearheads and burgeoning history buffs, the video series is a good way to educate kids (and adults) without boring them into a coma. 

Gallery: National Corvette Museum Vettecademy

The National Corvette Museum isn’t alone in reaching out to children with auto-themed activities. Various automakers have published downloadable coloring pages, while several auto and history museums have turned to live-streaming and Google Street View to keep the doors virtually open as COVID-19 containment procedures have compelled many of us to stay home. Even is getting in on the action, with auto-themed quizzes and puzzles that keep us busy while creating them and keep readers occupied while solving them.

So until the Corvette Museum’s doors open again once the global pandemic subsides, we’ll enjoy poring over the videos (and the website’s other virtual exhibits), getting our fill of the American sports car. 


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