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The Coronavirus pandemic is striking all aspects of global life at the moment, and Hollywood isn't immune. In an announcement recently made from the official Fast and Furious9 Twitter account, the decision has been made to postpone the movie's debut until April 2021.

Specifically, the new release date for the film is now set for April 2, 2021. It was originally slated to hit movie theaters on May 22. The announcement stops short of specifically stating Coronavirus as the reason, but concern for "safety of everyone" pretty much says it all. There is no mention of possible post-production delays that could also factor into the decision.


Based on the trailer, the new Fast installment looks to continue the larger-than-life storyline of recent films that focus on global conspiracies, intense action, and of course, car stunts that stretch the definition of bonkers to a whole new level. If a 20-mile-long runway in Fast 6 and jumping between buildings in Fast 7 was sketchy, a Mustang sailing off a cliff and getting picked up magnetically by some futuristic jet should be something to behold. We see that in the trailer, along with a Dodge Charger swinging between cliffs on a rope and a rocket-powered Pontiac Fiero. 

The other big news for Fast 9's plot is the return of Han. This marks his second reincarnation after blowing up in the franchise's third installment Tokyo Drift, though movies four through six were technically prequels to that story. The trailer doesn't explain how Han is back, so we'll have to wait for the movie to hit theaters for the backstory. That wait is now a bit longer due to the current global pandemic, but we suspect the die-hard Fast and Furious fanbase are cool with being patent. 

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