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No matter how impractical two-seater convertibles are, one can't deny the bliss open-top driving brings to the person behind the wheel. The feeling of the wind blowing through your hair, the unlimited headroom, and the blue sky serving as a blanket to your leisurely drive brings a certain degree of freedom.

However, as mentioned, most convertibles are impractical, mainly because of limited space. But what if there's a vehicle out there that you can drive without the roof all while having the capability to ferry a family with you?

Gallery: $500,000 Decoliner Motorhome by Randy Grubb

Enter the Decoliner from Oregon by Randy Grubb. The Decoliner is a double-decker, specifically a motorhome. It has living space in its immense cabin, while the bus-like appearance is complemented by its heft. The design, according to Grubb, is inspired by the 1980s science fiction space traveller, Flash Gordon. It also fits the art deco architectural styling, thus the name, we reckon.

But what makes this motorhome special isn't just because of its eccentric styling – you have the option to drive the Decoliner from the roof. I specifically mentioned option because by default, the Decoliner can be driven from the cabin away from the sunlight. But in cases you want to feel the breeze from the outside, you can remove the steering wheel and then bring it with you on the roof with you. It's that cool.

The Decoliner isn't a cheap thrill, mind you. The whole project costed Grubb 6,000 man hours in 18 months, while shelling out $100,000 for spare parts. The project was built from the ground up, with a 1973 GMC motorhome serving as its chassis.

After all the hard work, Grubb was able to sell the Decoliner for $500,000. Was it all worth the cash? The new owner thought so. Watch the video embedded on top of this page.


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