While tiny homes and overlanding have been popular for quite some time now, we’ve usually seen a compromise when the two intersect. Overland vehicles are more than capable of getting you to your destination, but once there, creature comforts are quite limited. On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage with tiny homes is their non-existent mobility. That said, with the rising popularity of overlanding and #vanlife, the old adage you can live in your car but you can’t drive a house isn’t quite as crass.

The vehicle itself started life as a Fuso flatbed truck that was used to transport porta-potties around mining sites. After stripping the Fuso of its flatbed and other various components, Tony upgraded suspension components, wheels, tires, and bumpers to cope with the demands of overlanding. 

Following the mechanical upgrades, work began on the tiny home behind the cabin. The structure was custom-ordered from Total Composites in British Columbia and creates one of the most sci-fi-esque overlanding vehicles we’ve seen to date.

After assembling the rear body, Tony plumbed and wired the interior before adding additional creature comforts. Starting with the cabin, he fitted heated seats, a reversing camera, cabin insulation, Apple CarPlay, the list goes on. In terms of the tiny home creature comforts, he fitted a diesel heater, shower, full dinette, and wi-fi connectivity with enough bandwidth to stream music and videos.

overland fuso bathroom/shower unit

That said, our favorite feature of this vehicle is the bathroom/ shower. With most vans and overlanding vehicles, the bathroom and shower is an afterthought. Here, the area has been carefully thought out to the nearest inch. While it is quite small, it gives you the ability to shower off before you enter the vehicle and track in dirt. It also houses a composting toilet which can slide out of sight when not in use.

While not a completely fresh idea, this is one of the best thought out, and best looking overland vehicles we’ve seen. Let us know what you think in the comments and what you would have done differently.

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