When it comes to complete luxury and sophistication, the Toyota Century has been one of Japan's best kept secrets. The Century is considered as Toyota's flagship vehicle for Japan, while its cousin, the Lexus LS, is meant to represent limousine greatness for markets outside the Land of the Rising Sun. The Emperor of Japan, as well as high-level members of its government, use the Toyota Century as their official state car, and it was first introduced in November of 1967. For close to 53 years, the Toyota Century has gone through three major updates, with the latest being the third generation model that was introduced in 2018. 

Gallery: Toyota Century Tom's Racing

TOM's, the officially supported tuning arm of Lexus and Toyota, has been around since 1974, and has made a number of successful vehicles for motorsport, as well as offering performance parts for Toyota and Lexus owners for decades. As exclusive and as stately the Toyota Century is, TOM's have been given the green light to create just 36 units of the limited edition TOM's Century. Priced at 28,160,000 Japanese Yen (about $257,000), it isn't as expensive as the top grade spec at 60,000,000 Japanese Yen (a whopping $548,000), but it does come with a few additions to make it special. The car itself was shown at the 2020 Tokyo Motor Show, winning the Custom Car Excellence Award for Sedans, and features subtle changes such as a front and rear lip, side skirts, and a trunk spoiler. A new exhaust has been added to further emphasize the sound of 5.0-liter hybrid V8 that makes a combined output of 425 horsepower, and you have chrome wheels which are okay, but very close to being kinda over-the-top. 


On the inside, the TOM's Century can be customized extensively, allowing purchasers to spec every bit of material, color, and finish, making it exclusively their own. If you happen to visit Japan, you'll see how popular the Century is, parked next to the numerous Rolls-Royces and Maybachs on city streets, so there's no denying that this limited edition model will sell out.



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