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We’ve heard rumors about Hummer’s return to the automotive landscape for a few months now. Specifically, the rumors involve the big-and-bold SUV returning as an electric vehicle. Those rumors have taken a big leap forward today in a new report from The Wall Street Journal that says an EV Hummer is coming. Perhaps more importantly, the report says we’ll hear about it in just a few weeks during the Super Bowl.

WSJ cites unnamed sources as stating GM will have a Super Bowl ad campaign that includes NBA legend LeBron James. We obviously don’t have any details on this arrangement, but with the average cost of a 30-second Super Bowl commercial running about $5 million – plus whatever cash might be involved with landing a superstar spokesperson like James – it would seem GM is very keen to make a big splash with its Hummer revival. That is, if the rumors and this latest report are true.

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The report also supports previous rumors that the resurrected brand will offer an EV pickup truck, but it suggests that, for now at least, a truck will be the only Hummer offering and it will actually be part of GMC's lineup. Early rumors from June 2019 indicated Hummer might offer a range of electric SUVs, sold alongside other GM vehicles through the automaker’s existing dealership network.

Manufacturing is said to take place at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck facility, which will be retooled at the cost of $3 billion to produce electric trucks, vans, and batteries. That last bit is not a rumor – GM’s $3 billion investment into the Hamtramck plant for EV purposes was part of its new contract with the UAW, which was ratified last October.

As for the rest, a GM representative declined to comment on a request for more information. At the very least, Super Bowl LIV will take place on February 2 so if the WSJ report is accurate, we should know the truth by then.

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