By now, your news feed might have been bombarded with reports about the newest Tesla, the Cybertruck – a pickup truck that's so familiar, it looks straight out of the Blade Runner sci-fi movie from the '80s or made from inside the Minecraft video game. From which you think it was from is entirely up to you.

Now, people have strong opinions about the Tesla Cybertruck, including who the real winners and losers are from the explosive reveal in California. Most of the things people say concentrate on the electric pickup truck's design, but what do you really expect to see inside an outrageous shell?

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck's Interior (Screenshots From Video)

Shmee150's business manager had a chance to ride the newest Tesla during its launch. Based on the video uploaded on Youtube, the Cybertruck's cabin is quite the opposite of what you'll expect from its loud exterior. While the seats follow the futuristic exterior design, the interior's a little tamed and has a minimalist approach. Nothing's really loud there – except for the white table-top dashboard.

For starters, the dashboard only contains the huge infotainment tablet and the unconventionally-shaped steering wheel. The only thing loud in the interior is the lack of things that you'll normally find in a car.

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck Pickup Truck Debut

There are things we've noticed after watching the video, though. At launch, the Cybertruck was touted with a 6-seat capacity – two rows with three seats each. On the video, however, there were only five, but it looks like the center front seat was just folded to conceal the sixth seat. We also noticed that the lack of wing mirrors has been replaced by a wide camera display, presumably located at the back of the Cybertruck.

There is more to know about the Cybretruck at this point, so let's all wait until the production version has been revealed in the next year or so.


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