Next time you pull up to the Hertz car rental center, maybe skip the Nissan Versa. Hertz and Hendrick Motorsports have announced a partnership that makes two custom, high-powered 2020 Chevrolet Camaros available to consumers. Both of these cars get horsepower bumps a hot yellow-and-black finish.

The first of the two custom Camaros uses the SS model as its base. With a new cold-air intake and cat-back exhaust system, the 6.2-liter V8's output improves from the stock 455 horsepower (340 kilowatts) to a hearty 480 horses (358 kW). Both the body panels and wheels wear a jet black finish, while unique yellow stripes stretch over the length of the body, and accenting trim trails on the door panels and front fascia. Thankfully, this Camaro SS uses the newly updated front fascia.

Hertz Chevrolet Camaro SS / ZL1
Hertz Chevrolet Camaro SS / ZL1

The more powerful of the two Hertz Camaros is the ZL1-based, 750-hp (559-kW) option. Using the same 6.2-liter V8 from the standard ZL1, now with a new Callaway supercharge affixed, the Hertz Camaro is an impressive 100 horses (75 kW) more powerful than the stock version. Like the SS, it wears Hendrick Motorsports driver William Byron's subtle number 24 team logo, signature, and yellow-and-black motif.

Naturally, renting either of these Camaros for the day doesn't come cheap. The 750-hp ZL1 starts at $299 a day for only 75 miles (120 kilometers) per day. After that, the company charges a 75-cent-per-mile overage. The 480-hp SS option is more affordable at $99 per day, but has the same mileage rules: 75 miles and 75 cents per mile after that. Both Camaros are available to renters aged 25 and older. But, you could also win one of them.

Gallery: Hertz Chevrolet Camaro SS / ZL1

As part of the Hertz Ultimate Ride Sweepstakes, the company is giving away multiple prizes. The prizes include a driving experience at Charlotte Motor Speedway, a behind-the-scenes tour of the Hendrick Motorsports facilities, NASCAR hall of fame passes, and lunch with Byron's racing team for five finalists. Each of the five finalists will also be in the drawing to win the Hendrick Motorsports Camaro SS.

"We have a tremendous partnership with Hertz," said Hendrick Motorsports owner Rick Hendrick. "Cars are my passion, so seeing this program come together is especially exciting for me. We’ve never undertaken a project like this in the history of our team. These custom Camaros are going to be a huge hit with car enthusiasts and customers who are looking for a special experience. Hertz has truly taken this to the next level."

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