The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf is set to debut and go on sale before the end of the year in Europe. We’ve covered the new hatch from the first spy photos to the latest teasers, collecting as much info about the new VW offering as possible. The next-gen VW Golf will look a lot like the current Mk VII offering, for better or worse. The Golf has had an evolutionary design with each new generation improving the styling of the previous one. That can be a bit boring, but thanks to new renderings from our colleagues at, we have an Mk VIII Golf with a bit more pizzazz – some retro styling cues from the Mk II. 

While some automakers dig deep into their design history to reimagine the past in a modern way, Volkswagen has looked forward, refining the Golf’s design inside and out without upsetting the model’s success. VW has sold more than 35 million Golfs over its seven generations, so the last thing the company wants to do is ruin that formula. But the rendering from does give the Golf a funky personality. 

Instead of the sleek, swept-back front-end design from the Mk VII updated for a new generation, took the round headlights and upright front-end design of the Golf Mk II that debuted in 1983 and grafted it onto the front. It’s a sleek, modern design that somehow works. The rendering has the same wide lower grille and intakes pushed to the corners as we've seen on countless prototypes, but the round headlights paired with the circular VW logo looks clean. 

Gallery: 2020 VW Golf Retro Rendering

Sadly, the rendering isn’t what we’ll see later this fall when the eighth-generation Golf debuts. VW doesn’t do retro with exterior designs, and the next-gen Golf is no different. In the U.S., the selection of Golf models could be limited. Rumors suggest we’ll receive the GTI and R performance derivatives. Don’t expect an affordable base offering; however, that could change, and VW could prove us wrong. We’ll have to wait to see. 

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