To be living off the grid and on the move, you'd always have to find a compromise between a large vehicle with everything you need, or a smaller one that's easier to drive but only comes with the essentials. Luckily, there are conversion companies like Allied Conversions that are willing to work on Land Rover Defenders and turn them into complete motorhomes, essentially transforming them into liveable vehicles for extended periods of time without sacrificing on too many creature comforts. Do these conversions tick all the needed boxes for anyone who wants to live on the road? YouTube channel A Bus and Beyond seems to think so. 

Gallery: Land Rover Defender Camper Can Really Do It All

The video above gives us a quick tour of the long-wheelbase Defender 110 turned campervan, and, being Allied Conversions' demo vehicle, is equipped with some very interesting features. All you have to do is supply the Defender and the company will do the rest depending on your budget and taste. Right away, you'll notice the double bed equipped pop top on the Defender, providing protection from the elements. You'll also notice a 270 degree awning that folds out and wraps around the back. The rear passenger doors give access to storage space that's deep and easily organized. There's even a 76 liter water tank and an inverter to charge and use any equipment. Also, secret shower nozzle is found behind the magnetized number plate. The rear door gives you access to the living area, where a stove and even more storage areas are available. 

While there is no bathroom, you do get a bunch of lockers with lighting, more sliding storage for small items, and a sink and gas stove, together with a small refrigerator and diesel powered heater for those colder nights. There's even a set of tables and chairs folded up and easily accessible for when you want to set up camp in mere minutes. Check out the video to learn all the cool bits and bobs and see just how versatile one can make their Defender.

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