For about $12,000, a Texas tuner will give the sports car a stick and third pedal.

The 2020 Toyota Supra is a fast car. The automaker has gone on record as saying it can reach 60 mph in less than four seconds, a figure that’s very impressive considering its engine develops 335 horsepower. Or rather, that’s what Toyota says it produces – real-world dyno tests suggest it could be higher. That might certainly be a factor in the Supra’s straight-line acceleration, but another key ingredient to its thrust is the ZF eight-speed gearbox. Like it or not, the automatic can rip shifts quicker than any human with a clutch pedal ever could, and Toyota has said repeatedly that no manual option is coming. Still, sometimes the fun way down the track isn’t always the fastest.

That’s where European Auto Group comes in. If that name sounds familiar, it should – it’s the same company we talked about back in June that’s infusing flappy-paddle Ferraris with gated manual shifters. According to Carbuzz, the shop is already working on a manual conversion for the new Supra that will use all BMW-sourced parts. That means the transmission should fit well with the 3.0-liter inline-six under the hood, and the Texas-based shop is also looking to use a shifter with a cool flip-up knob like the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept.

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Such a conversion might satiate some of the Supra’s critics, but there are still plenty of folks upset with BMW supplying the powertrain in the first place. In fact, a new 2020 Supra drift car appeared in early March with a full-on Toyota 2JZ engine swap, shifted manually of course. Predating that by a few weeks was a California-based company offering 2JZ swap conversion kits – months before the production car would arrive at dealerships. Now, European Auto Group is ready to swap out the Supra’s automatic gearbox. Perhaps Toyota should’ve done things differently from the get-go?

Since the Supra’s launch, Toyota has spoken at length about the sports car's development. Regardless of the engine’s manufacturer or the way power gets to the back tires, there’s no denying the new Supra is an exceptionally awesome performance machine, both in a straight line as well as corners. Still, for those who absolutely must have a third pedal, European Auto Group is currently taking deposits for manny-tranny conversions.

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