While we’re patiently for the all-new Defender to lose the camo, Land Rover has found a way to breathe new life into older versions of the reputable off-roader. Tailored to Defender 90 and Defender 110 vehicles built between 1994 and 2016, these upgrades cover a wide array of areas and kick off from just £432 ($525) at home in the U.K for one 18-inch Sawtooth wheel. Want all four plus a spare wheel? That’ll be £2,160 ($2,625).

If you happen to have an old-school Defender equipped with the 2.2-liter diesel engine built from the 2012 model year onwards, the most significant upgrade offered by Land Rover Classic squeezes an extra 39 horsepower for a grand total of 160 hp while torque is rated at a generous 463 Newton-meters (341 pound-feet). Doing so will lift the top speed to 106 mph (170 kph), which is more than you’ll ever need in a vehicle like this. To make it worth your while, the British marque will also throw in a set of “performance-rated” tires as part of the £16,995 ($20,670) Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit pack.

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With great power comes great responsibility to stop in an efficient manner, therefore a braking kit has been developed for the legendary SUV with inspiration taken from the Defender Works V8 (pictured at the bottom). In addition, the suspension package also takes after the souped-up version of the workhorse, but bear in mind it’s compatible only with vehicles built from the 2007 model year. The suspension and handling packages come with Defender Works V8-spec brake discs, pads, and calipers matched to those aforementioned 18-inch wheels, while the dampers, coil spring rates, links, bushes, and anti-roll bars are all optimized.

You can have the handling and suspension upgrades and the 18-inch wheels + tires separately or fork out the money for the Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit we mentioned earlier which includes everything. Bundled with the upgrade package is a unique badge located on the front fenders to let everyone know you’re not driving a stock Defender. In addition, customers will receive an owner’s certificate and will get a tour of Land Rover’s Classic Works facility in the U.K. or the one in Essen, Germany where these upgrades are implemented.

For full pricing, check out the press release area below.

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  • Land Rover Classic upgrade kits for 90 and 110 wheelbase derivatives give enhanced on-road dynamics and improved performance
  • Wheel, suspension, braking and engine upgrades inspired by Defender Works V8
  • All parts designed, approved and tested to Land Rover manufacturer standards, covered by Land Rover’s standard aftermarket parts and accessories warranty
  • Prices start from £432 in the UK for a diamond-turned 18-inch Sawtooth alloy wheel
  • Visit the new Jaguar Land Rover Classic Parts website for more information: parts.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/defenderupgrade

Ryton-on-Dunsmore, UK, 31 July 2019: Land Rover Classic is introducing a range of upgrades for older Defender models which deliver enhanced performance and on-road agility inspired by the exclusive limited-edition Defender Works V8 – 70thEdition.

The new Upgrade Kits, the first of their kind from Land Rover Classic, allow Defender owners to enhance 90 and 110 derivatives built between 1994 and 2016.

Calum McKechnie, Head of Land Rover Classic, said“In 2018, Land Rover’s 70th Anniversary year, we saw unprecedented demand for the limited-edition Defender Works V8, which brought new levels of handling and performance to this iconic vehicle. Extending the range of fully engineered, tested and approved upgrades offered by Land Rover Classic underlines our commitment to supporting existing Defender owners, as we look forward to the new Defender’s world premiere later this year.”

Upgrades start with diamond-turned 18-inch Sawtooth alloy wheels which can be fitted to Defenders built from 1994 model year* onwards.

The Defender Suspension Upgrade Kit is suitable from 2007 model year vehicles, comprising uniquely-tuned suspension tailored for on-road comfort and dynamics with revised coil spring rates, dampers, anti-roll bars, links and bushes.

The Defender Handling Upgrade Kit adds uprated Works V8 specification brake discs, pads and calipers to the 18-inch Sawtooth alloy wheels and enhanced suspension.

The final and most comprehensive upgrade option is only available on 2.2-litre TDCi models produced from 2012 model year onwards and is only available direct from Land Rover Classic. The Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit includes all of the wheel, brake and suspension elements in addition to new performance-rated tyres and an engine upgrade which delivers an extra 40PS – total output of 162PS and 463Nm torque. Top speed is increased to 106mph.

The Classic Works Upgrade Kit also includes bespoke badging on the front wings, an owner’s certificate, vehicle collection, health check and handover with a tour of Land Rover’s Classic Works, UK, or Essen, Germany, facility – where the upgrade is carried-out.

All components have been fully assessed to the same standards as Works V8 in dynamic testing, with engineers meeting the same fast road and braking targets for Upgrade Kit components as last year’s limited-run model. CO2 emissions meet the same EU5 N1 Commercial standards as a standard 2.2 TDCi, with emissions control systems retained.

Customers can order the Sawtooth alloy wheels, Suspension and Handling Upgrade Kits and have them fitted by their local Land Rover Retailer as well as Land Rover Classic’s facilities in Coventry and Essen. The Sawtooth wheel kit with tyres, and the ultimate Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit, can only be purchased and fitted at Land Rover Classic’s own facilities.

Upgrade Kit

UK retail price including VAT

Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit - 90

£16,995 - fitted by Land Rover Classic in UK

Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit - 110

£16,995 - fitted by Land Rover Classic in UK

Handling Upgrade Kit - 90

£10,391.47 - parts only

Handling Upgrade Kit - 110

£9,967.37 - parts only

Suspension Upgrade Kit - 90

£2,247.07 - parts only

Suspension Upgrade Kit - 110

£1,822.97 - parts only

18-inch Sawtooth wheel kit and tyres

£4,068 - fitted by Land Rover Classic in UK

18-inch Sawtooth wheel kit (x5)

£2,160 - parts only

18-inch Sawtooth wheel (x1)

£432 - parts only

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