Customers shopping for a luxury car rarely go for the base models as many can’t resist the temptation and ultimately tick at least a few of the boxes from the extensive options list. Mercedes is offering a plethora of customizations for virtually all of its models, and the G-Class is a good example of how you can easily increase the final price tag after playing around with the configurator for just a few minutes. Now, the three-pointed star is kicking things up a notch with the new G Manufaktur program tailored to its iconic off-roader.

Officially revealed this week, this extended personalization service has already been loaded into the German configurator where we spent a significant amount of time going through all the options. Focusing on the mighty AMG G63 version, we counted 22 exterior paints to choose from on top of the standard shades. Needless to say, these are not exactly cheap as the most attainable ones go for €2,261 (about $2,531) while the priciest can cost as much as €5,117 ($5,730). To spruce things up furthermore, there are black exterior accents for many of the boxy SUV’s body panels.

Gallery: Mercedes G Manufaktur for AMG G63

Stepping inside the cabin, there are several two-tone themes and a few extra options for the stitching color, while the finish of the trim pieces on the center console and door cards can be customized as well. Mercedes says there are a whopping 64 seat combinations available through the G Manufaktur program, and you can even go for two-tone leather on the steering wheel. To show everyone you haven’t bought a run-of-the-mill G-Class, the grab handle on the passenger side dashboard can be adorned by the “G Manufaktur” logo.

For the German version, Mercedes is offering the SUV with a couple of G Manufkatur packages bundling goodies such as the Burmester surround sound system, frameless rearview mirror, AMG-branded door sills, and other items like fancy leather upholsteries.

Mercedes is confident in saying a customer can create a truly one-of-a-kind G-Class since there are more than one million combinations available if we take into account both the regular options and the special ones available via G Manufkatur.

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