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Cadillac dropped something of a bombshell late last week with the debut of its new compact sedan, the CT4. The bombshell was that it debuted not in base-model trim, but as the hot CT4-V high-performance model. Unfortunately, the bombshell wasn’t about how much horsepower was under the hood, but rather, how much was missing. Whereas the previous ATS-V had 464 horsepower (346 kilowatts), this new range-topping sports sedan offer only 320 hp (239 kW) – a massive decrease to say the very least. However, the V edition may no longer be the range-topping trim for Cadillac’s new lineup. If you’re confused, it’s okay. We suspect Cadillac is also confused right now, but we’ll get this all sussed out for you.

A new report from Muscle Cars And Trucks suggests the V-Series cars will take the place of the former (and short-lived) V-Sport line, which bridged the gap between standard models and the big-horsepower monsters. That would leave room for a new top-dog Caddy, and that role could be filled by a new Blackwing line. Yes, according to this report, Blackwing will be more than just a high-performance engine, though it’s all completely unofficial at this point.

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There’s good evidence to support this line of thought. The report mentions GM President Mark Reuss talking at the reveal of the CT4-V about Cadillac having two versions of the V-Series. The V-Sport is gone, and with Cadillac proclaiming the CT4-V and CT5-V (which also debuted at the same event last week) as full-on V-Series cars, there’s considerable room to bring in another top-tier brand. We know Cadillac has its fancy Blackwing twin-turbo V8 that already does duty in the now-canceled CT6-V, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see the branding become the new top-tier performance moniker in Cadillac’s portfolio.

In any case, Cadillac has been raising more questions than answers as-of-late. was inundated with comments about the CT4-V’s lackluster power rating, and it certainly seems very strange to basically throw away a high-performance brand built over the course of 15 years without so much as an explanation. Tragically, the cars themselves could be very good, but with Cadillac’s core V-Series audience and the rest of us in the journalism world wondering what the heck is going on, the awesomeness of these sedans could get lost in the mix.

That said, we really like the sound of a CT4-V Blackwing. We like it a lot.

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