We’re used to seeing some pretty amazing – and sometimes outlandish – custom creations from various German tuning companies. The focus of those efforts usually falls to something from a German automaker, notably Porsche, Audi or BMW. GeigerCars is a bit different, because this company loves to upgrade American iron, and the latest project is an absolutely mental Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat called Cerberus.

We say mental because the 2019 Hellcat already produces no less than 717 horsepower (535 kilowatts). GeigerCars believes there’s room to improve, however, and not just to the 840-hp (626 kW) mark produced by the limited-production Demon. These German mad scientists have infused the brutal muscle car with no less than 890 hp (654 kW) and 751 pound-feet (1,018 Newton-meters) of torque. The increase comes through changes to the supercharger that bumps up the boost, which is managed by updated engine software to keep all the components happy. Underneath, GeigerCars also adds a beefier prop shaft to better handle the extreme power.

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On the outside, GeigerCars adds a set of Devil’s Rim wheels that were originally created for the Demon but are available to order for the Hellcat. The upgraded car also gets the widebody treatment as seen on the Challenger Redeye, and it wears a bespoke hood based on the Demon design with a wide, narrow scoop. And as we’re absolutely sure you can see from the photos, GeigerCars also dresses up the exterior with big over-the-top stripes and a rather frightening rendition of a demon dog on both sides, ready to eat the word Cerberus that appears to have the same font as the late 1990s cult classic TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

GeigerCars lists the price for this German-tuned American brawler at €129,000, which translates to roughly $144,570 in U.S. currency, though this monster is obviously something for our German friends to appreciate. To that end, we can only impart this advice to folks who elect to pick up a Cerberus Challenger for their own. Buy tires. Lots and lots of tires.

Source: GeigerCars.de

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Challenger Hellcat “Cerberus”: 890 hp for Dodge’s high-performance coupé


As the saying goes: “You cannot substitute power.” The retro sport coupé Challenger takes this slogan of all performance friends particularly to heart: Following on from the SRT Hellcat – introduced in 2014 – with a 717 hp and 6.2 liter V8 supercharger came the crowning achievement, the Demon – a limited edition providing up to 852 hp of power. The Hellcat was not only given an impressive facelift and power boost up to 728 hp, but also received an 808 hp offshoot with the nickname “Redeye”. The US car specialists at GeigerCars.de based in Munich have well and truly shown that there is still room for improvement when it comes to power: With their “Cerberus” model of the SRT Hellcat, they have unveiled a high-end version of the US coupé that burns rubber with 900 hp.


  • 6.2-liter HEMI V8 now with 890 hp and 1,018 Nm


  • Drive train with reinforced 4" propeller shaft


  • Hood in the style of the Challenger SRT Demon


This power upgrade was achieved by increasing the boost pressure – with the help of a modified supercharger wheel – to 1.1 bar. But GeigerCars have also overhauled the software in the engine control unit. So now, the 6.2-liter HEMI V8 generates 890 hp. At the same time, the torque was knocked up several notches to 1,018 Nm – a gain of almost 150 Nm over the series! And to make sure that the drive train can cope with this additional power, GeigerCars integrated a reinforced 4" propeller shaft. The Challenger SRT Hellcat now also comes with a sturdy Brembo braking system: At the front, six-piston calipers act on 391 mm ventilated and slitted disks, while four-piston calipers are mounted on 350 mm disks on the rear axle.


Another highlight are the aluminum forged rims of the coupé: They bear the name “Devil’s Rim” and were originally developed by Dodge exclusively for the Demon top model. Now, the 11x20" wheels can also be ordered for the Hellcat models – in conjunction with the wide body package available since 2017. This gives the already stocky Challenger an even beefier appearance and, with their enlarged wheel cases, provides enough room for the rims, which are fitted with 305/35er tires. Otherwise, the Challenger looks more or less the same as it does off the line. A few exceptions to this include the new GFK hood, which resembles the one worn by the Demon with its broad air inlet placed far towards the front, and the design wrapping: Aside from the classic racing stripe in red and black, the white chassis also sports “GeigerCars.de” and “cerberus” in big letters on the sides as well as images of hell-hound heads – which have been adapted to the style of the well-known Hellcat logos.


The interior was left untouched, but also has one or two factory highlights: First and foremost is the high-quality leather upholstery in Demonic Red, which covers the seats and parts of the door trims and harmonizes perfectly with the black leather used in the rest of the interior and the red dials in the dashboard. The “Cerberus” also wows with the Uconnect infotainment system with its large 8.4" screen and 18 speakers, available with a navigation system at an additional charge, as well as other amenities such as an electric sunroof, heated and ventilated seats, a central locking system with keyless entry, cruise control, electric windows, rear parking sensors, and two-zone automatic air conditioning.






Technical data: Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat “Cerberus”


Engine: V8 HEMI gasoline engine with supercharger

Cubic capacity: 6.2 liters

Power: 654 kW (890 hp) at 6,320 rpm

Torque: 1,018 Nm at 5,610 rpm

Acceleration 0-100: 3.4 seconds

Top speed: 332 km/h

Transmission: 8-speed automatic transmission

Consumption in city/on highway/combined: 23.09 l/9.59 l/14.56 l per 100 km

CO2 emission, combined: 341 g/km

Emission class: Euro 6

Energy efficiency class: G

Vehicle price: €129,000 (second-hand vehicle)


*) All prices include installation and 19% statutory sales tax.




GeigerCars conversion


- Performance kit consisting of boost pressure increase thanks to modified supercharger  wheel, Geiger software optimization and 83-degree thermostat


- Reinforced 4" propeller shaft


- GFK hood with Challenger SRT Demon look


- Partial wrapping in Cerberus design

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