For many people, the Land Rover Defender is the quintessential off-roader. It's simple perfection, and the only thing that could possibly improve it is the ability to take it camping, without having to tow anything behind.

CamperHus has figured out how to turn the venerable Land Rover Defender into a functional camper without negatively affecting its off-road (or on-road) ability. Enthusiast site Van Clan explains the conversion in detail.

The key to making the conversion work is the pop-up roof section. It's reminiscent of the classic Volkswagen Westfalia camper van conversions. It provides plenty of headroom when the camper is parked, without having a significant impact on the Defender's center of gravity while driving.

Each CamperHus conversion includes a kitchenette, complete with sink (with its own water pump) and microwave. There's also a separate battery and plenty of electrical outlets to hook up whatever you might need to use when you're miles away from civilization.

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A diesel heater (with an included carbon monoxide detector) is an additional option for those who like to camp in cold climates. Other options include solar panels and a portable toilet.

There's also a ton of storage, making the best use of every square inch of space in the back of the Land Rover. The rear passenger seats fold down into a bed that can accommodate two adults. Overall, the layout of this conversion is clever, working hard to maximize space and avoid a cramped feeling.

CamperHus customers can fully customize their Land Rover Defender campers with several choices of trim and upholstery. Even the flooring can be customized to your liking.

For us, this represents the ultimate camper, and is perhaps our favorite conversion yet. Of course, a lot of that has to do with the source vehicle – after all, who doesn't love the Land Rover Defender?

Source: Van Clan

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