While we know that Ford has a Mustang-inspired crossover, the Blue Oval is very careful not to let anyone see what the upcoming model looks like beyond releasing mysterious teasers. In the absence of a high-quality official look, rendering artists are trying to fill the vacuum by imagining the vehicle's appearance. The latest view comes courtesy of the folks at Kolesa.

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This rendering retains the current Mustang's look for the nose and tail. Extending the pony car makes room for adding an extra set of doors. The roof is fairly flat, which creates an appearance more akin to a lifted station wagon than a five-door crossover. Black fender cladding adds a somewhat rugged touch to the exterior.

Ford originally planned to use the Mach 1 model name for the Mustang-inspired crossover as a nod to the performance variant of the pony car. However, fans hated the idea, and the Blue Oval decided to pick another moniker.

Whatever Ford calls the Mustang-inspired model, the vehicle will pack a fully electric powertrain. Few details about the setup are available yet, but the company intends to offer two range options: over 300 miles (484 kilometers) for the base trim and as much as 373 miles (600 kilometers) for the top one. There would also be a high-performance version, but it's not currently clear whether this is a separate option from the two battery packs or part of the upgrade to the long-range model.

Ford intends to release more info about the Mustang-inspired crossover in November, but the company indicates that the full debut isn't until 2020. Customers probably can't buy the vehicle until the 2021 model year.

Source: Kolesa

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