Who doesn't want to relax with a drink and smoke while watching their ride getting detailed?

To be honest, we’re not really sure where to begin on this. This is a car wash – a very snazzy car wash – and it should go without saying that proper petrolheads like to keep their rides clean. Yes, that includes the crazy pickup guys who drive around town with several inches of mud on their hoods as trophies of the last sippy hole they conquered. You can tell when they were at the local quarter wash because the bay will have turned into a sippy hole itself.

That’s probably why we don’t see any mud-caked pickup trucks at this particular location in Moscow, because it looks decidedly upscale. It’s called the Black Star Car Wash, and yeah, it sort-of looks like a nightclub. According to the car wash’s website, a range of services from basic washing to complete interior and exterior detailing are available, and it’s all done in what looks like a hip underground labyrinth.


There appears to be even more to this, however. The Black Star’s Instagram page is filled with high-end cars getting some TLC, but we also see sitting areas and what looks like a café. This obviously isn’t a do-it-yourself setup, and honestly, for those car lovers not obsessive-compulsive about cleaning and detailing their own ride, this could be a pretty cool way to spend a couple of hours.

Gallery: Black Star Car Wash

Russia certainly has an interesting and active car scene in Moscow, and we applaud the brainchild behind this idea. We suspect others approve as well, because the web site mentions franchise opportunities beginning this month. Could such a trendy venue show up in London, New York, or Dubai? We’ll say this much – if there was a Black Star Car Wash down the street, we’d be there on a regular basis.

Source: Uncrate, blackstarcarwash.ru, Black Star Car Wash via Instagram, Live Garage via YouTube

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