Homes are built with wood, barring a few eccentric exceptions. Since RVs are designed to be a home away from home, it should come as no surprise that the interiors of motorhomes are also made with a wood frame. As with houses, there are exceptions in the RV world though we wouldn’t call this Ram-based model eccentric. It’s built by a Canadian company called Gala RV, and you won’t find a single sliver of wood anywhere inside, unless you stick a pack of toothpicks in one of the fiberglass cupboards.

This RV’s official name is the Montecarlo FB21, and as you can probably guess, FB stands for fiberglass. Gala RV says the FB21 is the first RV in its class to have an interior made completely from fiberglass and composites instead of utilizing a wood frame. As such, the FB21 feels a bit less boxy inside because trim panels don’t need to conform to wood's hard edges. That’s not to say there aren’t aesthetic wood touches – certain panels and doors feature a wood veneer, but it’s all mounted to molded fiberglass components.

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The unique construction also means the Montecarlo saves a bit on weight. Gala RV says the FB21’s weight is cut by 100 kilograms (220 pounds) and that savings can go directly towards extra cargo capacity. Based on a Ram 3500 ProMaster, the posh camper already has impressive space inside as well as room for RV essentials such as propane and water, and Gala RV takes full advantage of that by fitting two large 45-gallon tanks for fresh and gray water. Propane needs are handled through hardware-store-variety removable tanks, and yes, there’s a hot water heater for warm showers at night.

As for creature comforts, the Montecarlo FB21 offers a mini kitchen with a large rear lounge area that converts to a king-size bed. The front seats swivel to create an additional conversation area in the front, complete with a small table for food and drink. A two-burner stove cooks meals and a small refrigerator keeps drinks cool. It has built-in heating and air con for all-weather camping, and onboard 6-volt batteries with solar charging capability to provide power. About the only thing missing is a dedicated generator, but the FB21 does have a shore power plug for hooking into electricity at campgrounds.


Gala RV doesn’t list pricing for the Montecarlo FB21, but the video review from Ultramobility (above) says the base price checks in just under $100,000. The review also says Gala RV doesn’t sell vehicles in the U.S. market, however, the company can install the FB21 conversion on a customer-purchased Ram 3500 ProMaster chassis for $70,000.

Source: Gala RV, Ultramobility via YouTube

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