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Storyteller Overland, LLC, an Alabama-based Class B RV and outdoor lifestyle gear manufacturer, officially launched the new Mode 4x4 adventure van series that aims to revolutionize the motorhome segment.

Based off of the tall vans like the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit, Storyteller Overland describes the new Mode 4x4 camper vans as "a passionate labor of love combined with years of focused market research and product development geared towards enhancing the lives and improving the experiences of daily driver, weekend warrior, and long-range travel enthusiasts in the rapidly growing Class B RV and adventure van market."

Whatever that means, the Mode 4x4 camper vans do have a lot of new things to offer to motorhome buyers.

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Probably the most revolutionary feature of the Mode 4x4 is its 9kw LiveFree OTG Energy System that was developed with Volta Power Systems. This lithium-ion battery provides sustainable energy while traveling off the grid, without the need for onboard power generators. At night, it can run low profile air conditioning without the need to be plugged in or to run under high idle.

Another breakthrough product of the Mode 4x4 is the retractable shower called Halo, which can be used indoor or outdoor. The FlexSpace, on the other hand, is a multi-purpose bench that converts to a conveniently concealed shower drain, storage area, or even tailgating cooler. Lastly, the Dreamweaver is a foldable bench/murphy bed, while the GrooveLounge is a tri-fold seat/bed that features a three-point harness system.

More information about the Mode 4x4 camper vans can be found on the Storyteller Overland website. Of note, the Mode 4x4 camper vans come with a 12-month, 20,000-mile warranty, which can be extended depending on the dealer.

Source: Storyteller Overland

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