Ask someone 10 years ago about the chances of Lamborghini entering the SUV market, and you would probably get a funny look while the person tells you it would never, ever happen. Jump to today, and the Lamborghini Urus is a huge hit for the Italian automaker. What other segments could the supercar brand explore next? This rendering from artist Rain Prisk imagines what happens if Lambo execs get really creative and convert their popular SUV into a pickup.


In front, Prisk leaves the Urus' styling alone. This is similar to the decision from Jeep designer's when converting the Wrangler into the new Gladiator pickup. Until you look at the rear, there's no indication that this is a truck instead of the usual SUV.

Taking an axe to the Urus' back results in an attractive pickup. For example, the fender flares seem even more prominent because removing the passenger compartment makes them a major styling element at the rear. A body-color hard tonneau cover seems to enclose the bed in this rendering, and the panel would add some style, in addition to keeping cargo more secure.

To give his Urus pickup a meaner look, Prisk also lifts the ride height and puts some all-terrain tires under the truck. The knobby, off-road rubber would sacrifice the Lambo's on-road acceleration for a little more traction when things start to get rugged in the wilderness.

Anything is possible, but the odds of Lamborghini jumping into the pickup market are incredibly low. However, a coachbuilder could potentially meet the demand from the handful of folks who would want to turn their Urus into a truck. Removing the rear section of the SUV would likely force the builder to add extra reinforcements to make up any loss in rigidity. While lacking the capability of a purpose-built pickup, a converted Lambo could still look very cool.

Source: Rain Prisk via Facebook

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