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There’s no denying Porsche is one of the companies that are the most experienced when it comes to hybrid powertrains. Just think of the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid and 918 Spyder and you’ll get the idea. If you still have any doubts, just watch the video above.

It’s part of Porsche’s Top 5 series on YouTube and details the mighty 919 Hybrid Evo, “the fastest racing car on the planet.” It’s a crazy fast machine that’s quicker around the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps track even than Lewis Hamilton's Formula 1 race car. Consider this – the average speed of the hybrid race car was 152.6 miles per hour (245.61 kilometers per hour), while the top speed reached 223.1 mph (359 kph).

In this new video, Stephen Mitas, Technical Project Lead of the 919 Hybrid Evo, meets with some of his colleagues to give us a detailed walkaround of the vehicle. He tells us his top five features that make it “so epic.” Mitas discusses the 919 with Timo Bernhard, Porsche works driver, and Neel Jani, the guy who set the record lap around Spa.

First, the three talk about the suspension which features several revised or redesigned components compared to the previous version of the 919. Next are the tires followed by the complicated hydraulic system. Everything from the power steering system to the active drag reduction system has been updated for the Evo variant of the hybrid race car.

Speaking of aerodynamics, the Evo comes with many changes to the design that improve the overall aerodynamic performance of the car. These include a new shape of the front end, new skirts, and a bigger rear diffuser.

Of course, the single most important thing about the 919 is its powertrain. It combines a V4 engine with about 720 horsepower (537 kilowatts) and an electric motor on the front axle for another 440 hp (328 kW).

Source: Porsche on YouTube

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