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The RV market has been booming in recent months with tons of cool campers, vans, and bus transformations. All these were awesome, but we have our new favorite caravan or – should we say – caravanboat. Yes, you read that right – the Departure One is a German-made caravan and a motorized houseboat in one vehicle. You can use it both ashore and on water, and should be the perfect solution for people who “treasure their freedom and independence and strive to maintain a variety of options while traveling.”

The 354-inch (9-meter) long trailer offers four sleeping places in two comfortable beds at the front. Just behind the bedroom is the place where the driver takes control of the vehicle when on water, controlling the direction and the 15-horsepower (11-kilowatt) powertrain. Then, there’s another room with a kitchen block and an eating corner, where more sleeping options can be provided, and finally, there’s a small terrace at the back.

As a boat, the vehicle is designed and constructed according to Europe’s guidelines and meets the highest safety boat standards for inland and coast driving. The company says it can transform it to meet the overseas requirements for a possible export outside the Old Continent.

Departure One caravanboat
Departure One caravanboat

When it’s not connected to the electricity, the caravan can be heated and cooled through a special gasoline-powered system. There’s also a standard 230-volt electric heater and the manufacturer says the Departure One is designed to host two people for up to two days of traveling without additional electrical power or water supplies. Of course, there’s also a toilet and a shower cabin.

The caravanboat is offered in several different color combinations with prices starting at €58,000 in Germany, or approximately $67,500 at the current exchange rates – a pretty fair price for a motorized boat and a luxury caravan in one unit. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, the vacation vehicle is not available in the United States.

Source: Caravanboat via Curbed.com

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The fully self-sufficient caravanboat DEPARTURE ONE combines a caravan and motorised houseboat in one vehicle, offering multiple opportunities for use both ashore and on the water. It’s the perfect solution for people who treasure their freedom and independence and strive to maintain a variety of options while traveling.

Get on the road! Or rather: cast off? Multi-talent caravan boat DEPARTURE ONE gives you both options. Cruise through the countryside or along the water and pull in wherever you would like to park, moor or drive. This combination of a caravan and motorised houseboat allows you to motor along beautiful country lanes and also along the world’s most awesome waterways.

There’s no need to pass up on luxury! The DEPARTURE ONE features high-quality workmanship, offers sleeping berths for four, an efficient kitchen, WC and shower as well as a covered terrace. The DEPARTURE ONE is self-sufficient and designed to host two people for up to two days of travelling without additional electrical power or water supplies.

It’s your choice where you wish to start from. You can take the DEPARTURE ONE to the most beautiful spots in the world, either by car trailer, truck or flat rack container. The DEPARTURE ONE’s economical dimensions make all options possible. Get behind the wheel and see for yourself!

Have fun and ahoy captain!