The SL600 had its glory days during the ‘90s. Well, to start with, the R129 was powered by a whopping 389-horsepower V12 – the very same engine found in the first Pagani Zonda. It’s also a convertible, and top-down grand touring cars were a hit back then, let alone if it’s from Mercedes.

Now, a 1997 Mercedes SL600 for $5,000 sounds like a tempting proposal right? Sort of a bargain, even? However, that low price doesn’t come without any issues for sure. And that’s the case here in the $5,000 Mercedes SL600 bought by Hoovies Garage.

The past and future Mercedes SL Class:

In the video above, you could see Hoover whip out a long list of issues he could find in the five-grand-worth Mercedes convertible. First, it’s soft top only worked midway, meaning it was stuck when he tried to close it. Seems like a small problem, but wait until it rains.

Next, air conditioning wasn’t blowing cool air and the brake warning lights were coming off all the time. There were also oil leaks, as Hoover pointed out, as well as a problem with the car’s famed hydraulic suspensions. Hoover also noticed how quiet his new old SL600 is, unlike the Zonda it shared the engine with, so he’s up for tweaking the exhaust as well.

Last, but definitely not the least, the car’s cosmetic issues were a downer. You could literally see a duct tape on the front clip, which, according to Hoover, was the only thing that holds the front bumper together. He also needed to change the side mirrors and do some body work with the side dings. And oh, he’s not cool with the rather modernized wheels.

All in all, there are tons of stuff that needed to be repaired with the $5,000 SL600. We’re pretty sure it’s going to be a costly job, but it is what it is. A cheap car purchase does really come with exorbitant repair costs.

And oh, here's Hoover's video when he bought the car from days ago:


Source: Hoovies Garage via Youtube

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