These days, the term murdered-out tends to get a bit overused. Simply mounting black wheels on a black Toyota Camry does not a murdered-out car make. This BMW X5 M from Z-Performance, however, seems to make proper use of the phrase and we won’t by shy in saying it – we’re in love. Or maybe lust is the better term here. In any case, this X5 is angry and evil and wants to rule the world. More importantly, we’ll follow it.

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We hear from tuning companies quite often, but Z-Performance isn’t a regular on the scene. That said, the Austria-based outfit has actually been around for 26 years, and you might know it better if you’re into the world of custom wheels. As such, this sinister X5 rides on forged Z-Performance 22-inch wheels with the fronts measuring 10.5 inches wide and rears a full 12 inches out. Black is of course the color, with a matte finish in the center and glossed-up lips.

BMW X5 M By Z-Performance
BMW X5 M By Z-Performance

Obviously there’s more going on here than just the wheels. Coilover suspension gives the X5 a slight drop to erase any remaining wheel gap. The exterior wears a matte black wrap, with carbon covers for the side mirrors and a black grille up front. All the lamps, reflectors, and windows have a dark tint to let people know that black is beautiful, and to help complete the exterior transformation, a carbon front spoiler and rear diffuser help ensure this SUV looks like nothing else on the road.

Lest you think this is just a menacing appearance package, Z-Performance goes the extra step by giving this X5 a significant power boost. By that, we mean 750 angry, Sith-approved horsepower courtesy of a power upgrade from Gorilla Performance. We don’t know exactly what all that entails, but it exits through a tuned exhaust system with carbon exhaust tips so we suspect it sounds just as evil as it looks.

We have no idea if Z-Performance will offer this package for X5 customers, or if it’s just a concept vehicle to promote its wheels. Either way, we’re very happy they made an effort to get our attention. Mission successful, chaps.

Source: Z-Performance 

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X-Black à la Z


It has already become an established tradition at Z-Performance not only to make use of the company project vehicles as haute couture models for the label’s latest rim fashion – of course – but also to have the four-wheeled mannequins undergo a constant tuning evolution. Now Z-Performance is presenting its furious “Batmobile” SUV based on X5 M (F85) in a 2018 outfit!


It is plain to see that the voluminous wheel wells of this large sport utility vehicle are just asking to be appropriately filled. Z-Performance meets this demand with ZP.FORGED 12 deep-lip multi-piece wheels in true directional design, whose centers are kept in matte black, contrasting with the reflective glossy black of the stepped wells. A colorful eye catcher in the midst of this black-on-black combination is the “exposed hardware” bolting in blue. Z-Performance equipped the front axle of the four-wheel drive vehicle with 10.5x22” wheels and Pirelli Scorpion Zero 285/30R22 tires, while even using 12x22” rims with Italian 325/25 tires in the rear. A KW Variant 3 coilover brings it closer to the road, eliminating the standard model’s long-legged look.

Black in black

But that is not all there is to this dark beauty: the entire vehicle was swathed in deep black Avery wrapping film, which hardly contrasts at all with the carbon front spoiler lip and the rear carbon diffuser from RKP Composite, as well as the carbon side view mirror covers and the shiny black BMW grille from the M Performance program. The same holds for the tinted headlights, fog lights, rear light, reflectors and windows all around. What is more, the main headlights were converted by OSSDESIGN to the aggressive ICON graphics amid a matte black interior. 

Pure Power: 750 HP & 1,000 Nm

Including the “SUPER HARDCORE AK47” option, a power upgrade by Gorilla Performance in Ludwigsburg gives the X5 M a savage 750 HP of power and around 1,000 Nm. As far as acoustics are concerned, an exhaust system with carbon tailpipe trim and valve control made specifically for this vehicle by FI (Frequency Intelligent) Exhaust announce its bear-like power of the Z-Performance X5 with a mighty roar.

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