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This is the all-new Ram 1500, just a few days before you’re supposed to see it. Spotted on the FCA factory floor, and uploaded by a quick-thinking Reddit user, the new pickup shows off its updated front fascia in full, and sculpted new body almost entirely.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Ram 1500’s angular new grille, admittedly. Earlier this month spy photos previewed the entire front end of the full-size pickup, showing off the elongated hexagonal grille and integrated headlights. This new image, though, gives us a better idea as to how the new grille will work with the bulky new body.

With plenty of chrome detailing up front – not just in the grille but also in accenting pieces above and below it – the new Ram retains its truck-friendly styling cues. Those same chrome details carry over to the badges, side mirrors, and wheels, though we don’t expect to see every trim level adopt the same styling. 


Previous spy photos show a version of the Ram that ditches many of the chrome detailing in place of blacked-out accents. These particular images, for example, preview a version with black detailing in the grille, and on the accenting piece located directly above it, as well as the wheels. The lone chrome detail remains in the side mirrors. 

While the new image is telling, we won’t know all the details surrounding Ram’s new 1500 until it takes the stage in Detroit. Buyers will still be able to order V6 and V8 gas-powered version of the pickup, of course, but rumor has it that a turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid model could join the range somewhere down the line. 

The 2019 Ram 1500 will make its debut later this week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, before going on sale towards the second half of 2018. No word on pricing just yet.

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Source: Reddit

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