We’ve seen the Ram 1500 TRX in action many times before and we know it is a beast – and we are not talking only about drag races. This thing can go fast, jump high, and take corners on all kinds of surfaces. But in today’s video, it faces stiff competition in an off-road challenge. Even in this situation, this particular TRX has a few tricks up his sleeve, though.

As you can see, this isn’t a regular TRX. It has been shortened and now has just two doors and a shorter wheelbase. Under the hood is the model’s stock supercharged 6.2-liter V8 mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The performance truck has more than decent suspension travel stats, too – 12 inches at the front and 13 inches at the back. This shortened version of the pickup truck is also around 800 pounds lighter than the original vehicle, which tips the scales at close to 6,400 lbs.

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In this drag race, the TRX faces a machine from a very different breed. This weirdly proportioned four-wheel buggy is a 2021 Polaris NorthStar, which is significantly lighter and has a small 1.0-liter four-stroke engine with just around 82 hp. While it may be underpowered compared to the truck, the NorthStar isn’t slow by any means. Especially in off-road conditions.

The track for this drag race includes several jumps and hills. We know from previous videos the TRX is good at jumping, though it is probably worth noting that this particular example doesn’t have the most off-road-friendly tires fitted. Nevertheless, it does great with no damage to the body or suspension. And no airbags deployed. 

How is the Polaris doing? Obviously, it is even better at jumping but it lacks pace between the hills. This is a huge disadvantage but this machine is still pretty capable, especially considering its engine size. Which off-roader gets the win? The video features a series of three rounds and all three races have the same winner. 

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