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Oh Russia, how we love you. How can you not love the idea of a flying car, or better yet, a flying car from Russia? Not only that, this creation is billed as a sports car, so in theory it should be plenty fun on the road. And if you happen to zip into a crest a bit too fast, just engage flight mode and take off like a boss.

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Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, because let’s face it: flying car prototypes have a reputation of either not moving past the design phase, or not being remotely practical as either a flying or driving machine. In this case, the company in question is called Yagalёt, and we know pretty much nothing about it, save that’s located in the Samara region of Russia and it’s developing the car that’s sort-of pictured above in color, or right here in stylish black-and-white.

Yagalёt Roadster Hovercraft

We only have this single rendering of the as-yet unnamed machine, which looks like a rather ordinary two-seat roadster at first glance. That’s because this car isn’t designed to soar with wings, but operate like a hovercraft low to the ground. The system is said to be based on current hovercraft technology and can deploy at the push of a button, giving the car “low flying height.” We’d call that a radical interpretation of the word flying, since we’re literally talking about inches off the ground, but that’s enough to clear most curbs so hey, bonus.

Will this car ever see the light of day? It’s currently in the design phase, so only time will tell. It’s not really what we’d call a flying car, and honestly if we’re going to be close to the ground anyway we’d rather have proper steering and braking as opposed to the hang-on-and-hope procedure used on hovercrafts. Still, we’ll offer some credit to Yagalёt for trying to think outside the box.

Source: Yagalёt

Gallery: Yagalёt Hovercraft Sports Car

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The Russian company develops a sportscar with flight function


The engineering team Yagalёt from Samara region, Russia, develops unique sportscar, which will have a flight mode. The flight function will be combined with character of conventional car.

The flight function will be ensured by hovercraft principles. The folding hovercraft system will install under bottom of the car and will activating by pushing of the button. The system based on hovercraft ships technologies gives to car low flying height. Hovercraft system will allow the Yagalёt sportscar ride on any kind of roads, even water obstacles. For driving the flying roadster does not require a pilot license.

Other design features of the new Russian car will also will include the lightweight body based on composite technology and a highly efficient electric engine.

Yagalёt’s team is finishing creating of the mockup* of innovative sportscar. The presentation of the project is planned in spring 2018. The first prototype of the sportscar will be presented within a year.


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