Find out about the Volkswagen Tiguan LWB, set for launch in China. Details inside.

Volkswagen has released another long wheelbase vehicle on the Chinese market.  At 2,684 millimeters, the Volkswagen Tiguan LWB has a wheelbase that is 80mm longer than the standard Tiguan.

The wheelbase is 16mm shorter than that of China's most popular SUV, the Great Wall Haval H3.  The overall length of the elongated Tiguan is 4.54 meters, a full 113 mm longer than the normal Tiguan.  This is still 214 mm shorter than the Touareg, and 80 mm shorter than the Haval H3.

Some features on the Tiguan LWB include a new front end with redesigned headlights, bumper and grille.  However, do not presume that the look of the longer Tiguan will be identical to the upcoming facelift for the European market.  The Chinese model is mainly based on the model shown at last year's Guangzhou Motor Show, while the company will not even debut the European update until 2011 Geneva.

Gallery: Volkswagen Tiguan LWB to launch in China