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Smart’s trio of electric vehicles is now up for grabs in Germany where the local government has a very nice environmental incentive scheme dropping the starting price by more than €4,000. Orders are already being taken for the ForTwo Coupe and the ForFour Electric Drive, with the zero-emissions ForTwo Cabrio to follow in May.

The cheapest Smart EV money can buy is the ForTwo Coupe available from €21,940 or just €17,558.84 once you take into account the applicable green bonus. The ForFour starts off at €22,600, but once you include the incentive, the price decreases to a more attractive €18,220 tag. The most expensive of the three is going to be the ForTwo Cabrio Electric Drive, which will kick off from €25,200 or just under €21,000 with the eco bonus.

Should you be willing to spend even more, Smart will be more than happy to sell you a ForTwo Electric Drive Greenflash for a pricey €27,839. Factor in the available incentive and the asking price will drop to €23,459. In return for the extra money, the car will come with an assortment of electric green interior and exterior design accents.

2017 Smart ForFour Electric Drive
2017 Smart ForFour Electric Drive

All of the EVs are going to share an electric motor delivering 81 horsepower (60 kilowatts) and an instant torque of 160 Newton-meters (118 pound-feet) to the rear wheels. An electronic top speed limiter is going to kick in at 130 kph (almost 81 mph), while the battery pack is going to have enough juice for approximately 160 km (just shy of 100 miles).

For people always in a hurry, Smart will have an optional 22-kW fast charger for €840 on offer beginning with this fall that will replenish the battery in less than 45 minutes.

One interesting option available is the “acoustic presence indicator.” Priced at €120, this piece of kit “generates a speed-sensitive, Daimler-specific sound for the protection of other road users.” With EVs being virtually silent, the equipment can generate a noise to make it sound like a combustion engine-powered car as a way to notify everyone around about its presence.

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Smart says it will commence deliveries in June. In the United States, latest reports are indicating Smart will phase out the gasoline-powered models beginning with September. In other words, the 2018MY ForTwo Coupe and Cabrio (ForFour is not available stateside) will likely be EV-only.

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Sales release for smart fortwo and forfour electric drive: Electric urban model ready to go

Stuttgart. The new smart electric drive models are now available to order. In Germany, prices for the smart fortwo electric drive start at 21,940 euros1 and for the forfour electric drive at 22,600 euros. The market launch will begin in June.

The new smart electric drive makes opting into electric mobility more attractive than ever. This is because it combines the agility of the smart with local emission-free driving – the ideal match for urban mobility. A 60 kW(81 hp) electric motor runs at the rear of the smart electric drive and transmits its power via a constant ratio to the wheels. Powerful torque of 160 Nm is immediately available from a standstill. The electric drive has a range of approximately 160 km – ideal for local emission-free mobility in urban areas. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 130 km/h to maximise the range.

smart is the only car manufacturer worldwide to offer its model range with both combustion engines and all-electric drive. Shortly after the release of the smart fortwo and smart forfour models, the smart fortwo cabrio electric drive will be available to order from May, with prices starting at 25,200 euros.

With exterior and interior design details in electric green, the smart electric drive greenflash special model offers the perfect way to highlight the market launch. This smart electric drive is available as a fortwo, priced from 27,839 euros.

Even more attractive with green bonus

All of smart's electric drive models qualify for the German government's environmental incentive scheme, and the green bonus reduces the purchase price by over 4000 euros. With the green bonus the smart fortwo electric drive costs 17,558.84 euros and the forfour electric drive 18,220 euros. The bonus reduces the price of the smart fortwo electric drive greenflash to 23,459 euros. This means that when it comes to purchasing and running an electric vehicle, the smart models are the best value on the market.

1All prices: recommended retail prices for Germany, incl. 19% VAT.

Cars with all-electric drive qualify for a total green bonus of 4000 euros. Half of this total is met by the car manufacturers and half by the government. The calculation in detail: the manufacturer's share is deducted from the net list price and the VAT then added. If the buyer then submits evidence of a valid purchase or leasing agreement or a binding order, he or she will then be awarded the government's share.

The green bonus can be applied for using a form which is available via the BAFA (German Office of Economics and Export Control) online portal.

Extensive standard equipment, exclusive packages and extras

Fitted as standard with, among other things, the Cool&Audio package, featuring the smart Audio-System with AUX/USB/Bluetooth® interface and automatic climate control, the smart electric drive models top the extensive standard equipment of their conventionally powered counterparts. Standard equipment also includes an additional instrument with power meter and state of charge indicator.

The following packages, reserved for the smart electric drive models, offer a striking design and even more utility value:

  • electric drive design package: the tridion safety cell in the exclusive colour electric green can be combined with black or white bodypanels and radiator trim. The door mirror caps are also painted in electric green. 16‑inch wheels in black or white, "electric drive" lettering and corresponding logos round off the look. The electric drive design packages costs 350 euros in conjunction with the Urban Style or Sleek Style package and 800/720 euros in conjunction with the passion/prime line.
  • Winter package: in addition to the heated steering wheel and the heated seats (also at the rear for the forfour), the enhanced insulation of doors and cockpit ensures a comfortable warm temperature, even in icy outside temperatures. These features can also be activated by smartphone as part of pre-entry climate control. The Winter package is available for 350 (fortwo) or 580 euros (forfour). In conjunction with the prime line, the additional price is 140 (fortwo) or 350 euros (forfour).

A particularly powerful 22 kW fast charger will be available from autumn 2017 (840 euros). This enables the smart electric drive to be charged much more quickly: in less than 45 minutes (20-100%).

Because of its quiet drive system, the new smart electric drive is available with an acoustic presence indicator(120 euros), which generates a speed-sensitive, Daimler-specific sound for the protection of other road users.

And every wish can be catered for when it comes to colours and optional equipment, as the smart BRABUS tailor made individualisation programme is also available for the smart fortwo electric drive. Electric driving at smart therefore offers maximum scope for customisation.

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