Doc Brown’s DeLorean DMC-12 time machine remains famous to this day almost 27 years after the release of third and last installment of the “Back to the Future” franchise on May 25, 1990. It’s so popular that the legendary sports car is actually going back in production for the 2017 model year thanks to Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company. In addition, there are numerous die-cast models out there available in various sizes for BTTF fans to enjoy, regardless of budget. A new one is out now and it might just be the best of them all.

Sold by Eaglemoss, the impressively intricate DeLorean replica is built on a 1:8 scale and is over 50 centimeters (19.6 inches) long. It has everything you’d expect from an accurate die-cast model of the time machine, from the nuclear reactor and Mr Fusion to the numerous time machine parts and the lights controller mounted on the center console, just like in the movies. The latter is actually functional as it gives the user the chance to play around with the numerous lights available, including those of the instrument panel featuring a secondary digital speedometer showing 88 mph.

There are numerous wires inside and all have been faithfully reproduced to mimic the real deal, as were the time circuits pre-set to the dates from the original BTTF movie. To get an idea of the level of detail, the die-cast model features folding seats along with brake lights that come on after pressing the brake pedal. In addition, the side windows can be wound up and down by using a tiny wheel installed on the underside of the doors.

Speaking of which, the gullwing doors have lights on their sides and there’s another light underneath the hood to illuminate the cargo area. As a final touch, the wheels can be rotated 90 degrees as a nod to the DeLorean’s hover conversion from the second movie.

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While the scale model itself is very impressive, getting one is quite frustrating because you can’t just go into a shop and buy it outright. It’s available exclusively via subscription and Eaglemoss will ship bits and pieces of the DMC-12 on a weekly basis. In total, it’s going to take 130 weeks (two and a half years!) to have all the parts for the full build. Its body panels and engine are made from die-cast metal while the other parts are manufactured from ABS. Some of the pieces click together and others are held in place by screws.

Besides having to wait for a very long time to have the full die-cast model, you’ll also have to pay a small fortune. Eaglemoss is offering a 12-month subscription for £410.83 (about $504), but that’s not going to be enough to receive all the parts. You’ll need another one-year subscription and six monthly subscriptions at £35.96 ($44) a pop. If we do the math, it means the scale model is going to set you back a hefty £1,037.42 (approximately $1,271).

To try and sweeten the deal, Eaglemoss will throw in a collector’s binder worth £6.99 ($8.5) with the first delivered issue and an “OUTATIME” license plate worth £15 ($18) with the second one. A more significant “freebie” comes with the tenth delivery when you will receive a display base valued at £50 ($61).

Should you be interested, the scale model is set to go on sale early next year in U.K., with other European markets to follow shortly. U.S. launch is still pending.

Source: Eaglemoss

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