It's been nearly three years since rumors of an electric Ram pickup truck first surfaced. Now, those rumors are brought to life with the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept, debuting to the world at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

Being a concept vehicle, Ram doesn't offer details regarding its powertrain or performance. We can tell you it uses two electric motors, one driving each axle housed in electric drive modules. These modules are designed to accommodate a range of motors, with Ram hinting at "future high-performance applications" in its debut announcement. The Revolution also features four-wheel steering with up to 15 degrees of articulation, and its 800-volt DC system can fast-charge up to 350 kilowatts. In optimal conditions, the battery pack reclaims 100 miles of range in roughly 10 minutes.


We can also tell you the Ram 1500 Revolution Concept uses the Stellantis STLA architecture with body-on-frame construction. It rides on 24-inch wheels with illuminated RAM center caps, but there's enough room in the fenders to fit a meaty 35-inch off-road tire. It's worth noting that RAM is keen to point out these features, notably the concept's full frame. The Chevrolet Silverado EV utilizes a unibody design.

Speaking of Chevy's electric truck, one might find see shades of the Silverado EV in Revolution's overall exterior shape. The truck's nose is a bit smaller, and the cab angles rearward where it meets the bed. The Ram EV also features a powered mid-gate behind the second row of seats, allowing a generous pass-through to the bed. There's also a pass-through to the frunk, creating no less than 18 feet of space available to haul long items with the tailgate fully closed.

For hauling people, Ram says the Revolution's configurable interior offers an additional four inches of legroom without changing the bed size compared to current production models. There's also room behind the second row of seats for a pair of third-row jump seats, affixed to the mid-gate. Using a modular system called Ram Track, seats and consoles can be easily repositioned on the flat floor to create a dedicated workspace or add more seating. Mounted above everything is an electro-chromatic glass roof that can adjust to allow in as little or as much light as you want.


Technology is also a big part of the Ram 1500 Revolution Concept. A massive, configurable center infotainment system comprises two screens for 28 inches of total space. The steering wheel is collapsable and contains capacitive controls, among which are functions for an augmented reality heads-up display and advanced AI features. Some of those features include voice controls to command a virtual assistant, intelligent trip planning, and a special cabin mode that automatically changes seat position, lighting, sound, and other functions at the push of a button.

Digital side-view mirrors replace larger units, and when reversing, the Ram Revolution can display a panoramic rear view by stitching together various cameras positioned around the truck. There's also a shadow mode that lets the truck slowly follow a driver walking in front of it. As such, the Ram Revolution includes autonomous systems with Level 3 capability. And when it's time for a charge at home, a small robot appropriately named Ram Charger can automatically connect to top off the battery.

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It's all wrapped up in a design that Ram calls "bruitful," a mash-up of brutal and beautiful. A tuning-fork design theme is found with LED lights at the front as well as on the dash. Rear-opening back doors swing out to reveal an interior devoid of a B-pillar. In profile, the Ram Revolution adopts something of an hourglass shape.

"The Ram Revolution represents several important things to the Ram brand," said Ram CEO Mike Koval. "Of course, it’s our new Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept that serves as a roadmap to our electrified future. Yet Ram Revolution is also our philosophy as we redefine the pickup segment, with a steady drumbeat of announcements and initiatives as we embark on our electrified journey.

It's unclear if the Ram Revolution is a near-production concept or something more abstract. The automaker pledges to share more information on the Revolution in the future, with a production Ram electric truck expected for 2024.

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