Long time Rambling About Cars listeners will remember this week's special guest, who first joined us way back on episode number seven! He also joins us for the kickoff of the 2022 New York International Auto Show, where we take a closer look at the updated BMW X7. Friends, please give a warm welcome back to Jonathan Benson.

You know Benson from Tyrereviews.com, where he conducts some of the most comprehensive tire tests you'll find anywhere on the internet. He recently completed an exclusive review of the new Michelin Pilot Sport 5, comparing it to several competitors including the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6. Bruce and Smith dip into Benson's knowledge of all things tires, gaining a better understanding of the ultra-high-performance tire segment but also the finer points of evaluating tires in all segments. But there's so much more to the conversation than just that.


The podcast opens with a question: are tires the most taken-for-granted items on a car? In the United States, tires are often marketed by treadwear and price: getting the longest-lasting tire for the lowest possible price. For those not taking a car to a race track, grip and performance in varying conditions seldom take center stage. But as Benson mentions, for the rare times when you might need maximum tire performance on the street – such as an emergency lane change or hard braking – spending an extra $200 on a high-end set of tires is often far less expensive than an insurance deductible.

Gallery: 2023 BMW X7

The ramble transitions from tires to automotive design, specifically focusing on the 2023 BMW X7. The updated SUV debuted at the 2022 New York Auto Show, garnering considerable attention for its split-headlight design. Is it an improvement over the outgoing model? Much has been said about the controversial face leading up to the debut, with comments in various Motor1.com spy photo articles often being negative. Now that it's fully revealed, perhaps the early criticisms are unwarranted.

Bruce, Smith, and Benson all have positive (and some negative) things to say about the X7, but what do you have to say, ramblers? You know the drill: comment below, comment on our YouTube video, or send us an email to podcast@motor1.com. We're reading your words, and we love to interact.

Rambling About Cars Preview:

We didn't have nearly enough time to talk about everything that appeared at the 2022 New York Auto Show. From a surprise Subaru to updated Hyundais, Kias, the last Ford GT Heritage Edition, and others, we will have much more to discuss. Moreover, we'll be looking at the show from the perspective of someone who was there, as Motor1.com Editor-In-Chief Seyth Miersma joins for the play-by-play. And just maybe, we'll have a very special (and exclusive) off-road drag race to talk about.

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