It's podcast time! This week it's just Bruce and Smith on Rambling About Cars, marking the first time without a guest since early January.

We start the show with a brief digression for Smith to show off the 1977 Ford Pinto model car he found at Walmart. Oddly, it even comes with a Coca-Cola machine that's also to scale. It's a bizarre find, and he's looking forward to building it to match his Mustang II.


Things really kick off with a discussion of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz. While we discussed it with Clint Simone a few weeks ago, we finally got more details about the production model, including seeing the interior for the first time. VW took the opportunity to debut the ID. Buzz  Cargo – the commercial variant of the EV.

Gallery: 2022 ID. Buzz

Next, we dig into the new Acura Integra, and you might be surprised by what you hear. Smith and I haven't had kind words to say about the new model, based on the concept. However, we actually liked what we saw from the debut.

The key thing to realize is that this is a new Integra, not a new Type R or even GS-R model. Putting it into context makes a huge difference.

Gallery: 2023 Acura Integra

Last week, we asked our audience to send e-mail questions to You folks responded, and we got four messages. We got inquiries about the Chevy Corvette Z06, the Cupra Born, and the current Civic. Plus, one came from Bruce's dad.

We end the show with a cheap car challenge. Given that gas prices are at record highs, we aim to find the most fuel-efficient models available at a reasonable price. We define "reasonable" as a price we'd be willing to pay for the model.

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