It's the most wonderful time of the year. Hopefully you're surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones, partaking in laughs and celebrations that come with the holiday season. We're doing the same, but we can't not talk about cars. It's in our blood, so this is a wonderful time to bring you something a bit different.

Instead of a weekly news review with proper Rambling About Cars wit, Bruce and Smith take a look back at a year's worth of episodes. Yes, this little motoring podcast is nearly a year old – next week's episode will be number 52 – and what a ride it's been. The Chris's bounce back and forth talking about some of their memorable discussions, everything from GM's amazing legacy of engines to deep dives on models, the pop culture extravaganza from the spring, and who could forget the infamous shot of hot sauce during the Mustang episode?


The truth is, every episode of Rambling About Cars we record ends with the co-hosts saying "hey, that was a great episode!" As such, this short walk down 2021 lane might represent the best of the best. Hopefully, you enjoyed the picks as well.

The second half of this shorter podcast sees the Chris's do what they do best – cheap car shopping. Only this time, the price is really cheap. With used car prices at record levels, can you still find a decent, fun car for just $1,000? The answer is yes, and they have some rather surprising finds to prove it.

What Are Your Favorite Rambling About Cars Moments?

Bruce and Smith get a kick out of each episode, but they always love to hear from the fans. To wrap up 2021, jump into the comments with some of your favorite episodes and Rambling moments from the past year, or email us at We'd love to share your picks with the world.

Next Week On Rambling About Cars

We will officially close out the year with a review of the biggest automotive stories of 2021. Be prepared for plenty of rambling, opinions, and since it airs on New Year's Eve, there could be some measure of celebration taking place. Don't worry, you can listen in the morning before heading out to your New Year's party. Or perhaps the next day to nurse the hangover. In any case, we'll be there.

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