It's podcast time, and this week's episode is very special. Automotive passions vary, but no matter who you are, it probably started with a movie or TV show, a car magazine, or playing with cool car-themed toys at home. This episode is dedicated to all the exciting car chases, the awesome collectibles, all the toys, the games, the memories they created, and the resulting bond that binds us all together. It's time for some automotive pop culture.

Such a journey is far too wondrous for Bruce and Smith to experience as a duo. Joining them in the discussion is Senior Editor Brett T. Evans and Global Editor-In-Chief John Neff. And trust us when we say it takes no time at all for this epic podcast to get crazy.


Smith sets the stage with a brief chat of all the automotive pop culture references in Ready Player One, then Neff busts out some '80s relics like Quantum Leap and The Fall Guy for some memorable auto moments. Evans goes full punch buggy with an ode to the Herbie films; Bruce gets animated with Speed Racer then jumps to obscure Japanese flicks and glorious '80s BMW footage, and Smith sticks with '80s BMWs by fawning over Cybil Shepherd's 635 CSi in Moonlighting. The first half of the show ends with a nod to the Fast and Furious franchise, which has brought automotive genres from around the world together on the big screen for over 20 years.

A brief intermission brings Rambling About Cars listener comments to the forefront, including a discussion on hybrid performance cars and some renderings depicting the new Lexus IS 500 as both a full-on F car, and with a Smith-approved modification to the spindle grille. Once again, Smith is in the minority on it being an improvement.

Bruce takes us into the second half, which is devoted to all the neat-o car things people love to collect. It's revealed that John Neff was actually a driver in the popular 3Dbotmaker 1:64 diecast championship, but in actuality, he loves RC cars, racing games, and boasts an epic Lego collection. Evans confesses to an abundance of 1:18 scale diecast cars and a rich collection of vintage car magazines. Bruce also bows to the video game scene and embraces the world of plastic scale models. Smith's office is literally filled with plastic models he's built over the years, but he covets the Autobots in hiscollection of G1 Masterpiece Transformers.

How Did Your Passion For Cars Begin?

Here's the thing. We really don't want to stop talking about this, so we'd love to hear from you, Rambling About Cars listener. What inspired your passion for cars, and what fun stuff continues to satisfy your daily automotive desires? Tell us about your favorite movies, TV shows, toys, hobbies, and we always love to hear about your cool cars. Jump into the comments at the end of this article or send an email to We'd love to share all these experiences on a future episode.

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