It's podcast time! At the end of January, General Motors dropped something of a bombshell by saying it would be a fully electrified automaker by 2035. This prompted Bruce and Smith to take a deep dive into the many GM internal combustion engines built over the decades. The discussion continues with the Chris's choosing quirky, lesser-known GM cars they'd like to have in their garage. 

Tackling a subject as wide-ranging as all GM internal combustion engines through the automaker's 100-plus-year history isn't easy. Bruce kicks it off with a look at the big Cadillac V16 from the 1930s. Smith bumps the journey forward to 1955 with a nod to the legendary Chevrolet small block V8 that powered GM vehicles around the world for nearly 50 years.

With the clock ticking, the hosts realize it's completely hopeless to cover all the great engines from such an internal-combustion legacy. The Oldsmobile Rocket V8, Buick V6, Vortec V6, LS, Iron Duke ... the discussion becomes a glorious rabbit hole of mechanical love for air-fuel power.  What about niche engines like the DOHC 32-valve V8 used in the C4 Corvette ZR-1? What about epic failures like Pontiac 301 turbo? So many engines to rave and rant over, and the hosts pledge to revisit this topic in future episodes.


Some great reader comments spurred additional discussion about GM's new logo design, though Smith refuses to accept defeat in the face of overwhelming opinion that it does look like an app icon. And what's up with Blackwing being Cadillac's new performance flagship series? The hosts love hearing from listeners so send your quips, concerns, comments, and opinions to

The GM thread continues with the second half, as the Chris's present each other with a list of three quirky GM cars each would like to own. For this challenge, obvious mainstream machines like Corvettes, Trans Ams, or famous muscle cars are not allowed. Bruce and Smith didn't share their choices with each other ahead of time, so they are just as surprised as listeners with the crazy picks. And with numerous brands under GM's global umbrella going back over 100 years, all kinds of neat machines are under consideration. What cars do they choose?

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