Few cars epitomize the visceral joy of muscular open-air motoring as the legendary Shelby Cobra. Superformace keeps that joy alive through its line of Cobra replicas, and for many, piloting a Cobra with its V8 bellowing through the side pipes is a bucket-list item. Motor1.com's Brett Evans and Clint Simone can cross that experience off their lists – and then some.

The duo recently had occasion to sample the Superformance Cobra, and Mr. Simone joined Bruce and Smith on this week's podcast to share the experience. Actually, Cobras is more appropriate because Superformance has an electric Cobra prototype packing the powertrain from a Tesla Model S, and they drove that as well as a loud-and-proud V8 complete with racing stripes and side pipe. Not to worry, V8 purists. Superformance has no plans to kill its V8 Cobra.


The EV Cobra, however, is special. Very few people outside of Superformance have piloted the electric prototype, and for good reason. With an estimated 650 horsepower and a stupendous 1,500 pound-feet of torque it's ridiculously fast, but does the lack of a thundering V8 diminish the classic roadster experience? That's a subject discussed at length among Bruce, Smith, and Simone, but you must read Evans' story for the full perspective. You also need to watch the video below, which features both cars and two guys smiling pretty much nonstop for ten minutes straight. That should tell you all you need to know.

The Cobra discussion actually occupies the second half of our opening segment in the podcast. We start with news from Audi regarding the imminent demise of the TT RS in North America. The high-performance runabout will bow out with a Heritage Edition model, of which just 50 will be built. Fortunately, its wonderful five-cylinder engine lives on in the RS3, but the Audi news doesn't end there. A curious report surfaced this week stating the R8 successor will be electric. That's not really a surprise, but the question is whether the R8 successor will actually be a next-gen R8, or something completely different.

Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4

For the month of December, Bruce and Smith are devoting the second half of the program to listener-suggested topics. Modern retro cars versus their classic counterparts fit perfectly with the Cobra discussion, and the trio launch into a range of comparisons covering everything from German coupes and iconic vans to American muscle. The hot takes are certainly hot, and it's possible the feelings of at least one mother-in-law were hurt in the process. Sorry, Betty.

How do you feel about an electric Cobra? Are you sad to see the TT RS go? Would you have any modern retro cars over the classics they're based upon? You know the drill – comment below, comment on our YouTube video, or email us: podcast@motor1.com.

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