Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone in the States! Ordinarily, news in the automotive realm slows down around the holidays but the last few days saw not one, but two major vehicle debuts. News doesn't sleep, and neither do Bruce and Smith as they dive into the debuts before diving deeper into an obscure cheap car challenge. The deepest dive, however, involves an honest discussion about gifts you absolutely shouldn't buy a car enthusiast. Ever.

First, the debuts. When Ford launches a new vehicle for sale in 180 countries, you pay attention. That's especially true when it's a new Ford Ranger, which finally stepped into the spotlight. This global midsize truck will go on sale next year, sporting a face very reminiscent of Ford's other new pickup, the Maverick.

Gallery: 2022 Ford Ranger global model

Read all about it in Motor1.com's 2022 Ford Ranger debut article, though don't get excited about the US model just yet. It will be sold in the States, but Ford will release that information at a later date.


Similarly, when Ferrari launches a new 800-horsepower hypercar, you also pay attention. The new Daytona SP3 is the latest in Maranello's Icona series, promising very limited production and an even higher price tag. Aside from being a stunning homage to past race cars, it packs the most powerful naturally-aspirated Ferrari V12 ever at 828 hp. Bruce and Smith hone in on that fantastic engine while wondering how many pure V12 Ferraris are left before electrification eliminates internal combustion. 

Gallery: Ferrari Daytona SP3

From poignant to hilarious, the Chris's shift gears to partake in a truly strange cheap car challenge. Actually, it's an obscure car challenge, with each trying to find a vehicle for sale the other hasn't heard of. As it turns out, the co-hosts are well-versed in automotive oddities, but there are indeed some surprises in store before this fun challenge wraps up.

Finally, this special Black Friday podcast couldn't end without some proper consumer advice to shoppers around the world. By proper, we mean a shortlist of car-themed gifts that enthusiasts definitely don't want. From shirts to socks, floor mats to fluffy seat covers, and anything on display in the center aisle of department stores, Bruce and Smith let loose with advice on what not to do. They even offer a few tips on what car-crazy people do want. Spoiler alert: turbocharger kits are always welcome.

What's your take on the new Ford Ranger and Ferrari Daytona SP3? Think you can stump Bruce and Smith with some obscure cars? And what are the best (and worst) auto-themed gifts you've received over the years? You know what to do... comment below, email us at podcast@motor1.com, or comment on the video at our Motor1 Podcasts YouTube channel.

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