It's podcast time! We have something a bit different for you for this episode. Things start with a normal episode of Rambling About Cars, then we switch to's Ford F-150 Lightning debut post-show, and finally return to Smith and Bruce to wrap things up.

The F-150 Lightning debut is arguably the most important vehicle debut so far in 2021, so we don't feel like we can ignore it. However, we have talked about the electric truck in a previous episode and have discussed Ford a lot recently. We decided that rather than us having yet another conversation about the model, we'd put some fresh faces on the show.


This is also an experiment because we'd like to have our own Rambling About Cars livestream, but we aren't sure whether that's something our audience wants. This is the way to test the waters. Give us feedback at

The first half of the show is dedicated to street-focused performance trucks like the first two generations of the Ford F-150 Lightning. We discuss models like the Dodge Lil' Red Express, Dodge Shelby Dakota, Chevrolet 454 SS, GMC Syclone, Chevy Silverado SS, Dodge Ram SRT-10, and Toyota Tacoma X-Runner.

Gallery: 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Rambling About Cars Episode 21 Preview

There has been a lot of truck and crossover talk on recent episodes, so we want to shake things up by discussing sports cars. With temperatures warming up, it's a perfect time to have a conversation about more exhilarating machines. We're still mulling over what exactly this segment is going to be.

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