That's right, has a weekly podcast again. We're Rambling About Cars, and we want to shake up things this time. Rather than a discussion of the week's news, we want to inject some extra personality into the show. One way to do that is to have new hosts. Now, Chris Bruce and Christopher Smith will be holding the reins, and they'll often have guests contributing another opinion.

Bruce and Smith are among the news writing team at They are passionate about cars, wise in the ways of motoring, and now, you'll get to know what they really think about what's happening in the automotive world. 


Rambling About Cars also wants to talk to you. We want to engage with the community and let folks ask us questions or give their opinions. If you listen to the episode and have something to say, then get in touch with us at And if you have a cool story to share, you just might end up becoming a guest on a future show.

Speaking of the show, what's in store for this inaugural episode of Rambling About Cars? The Chris's are stoked to see 2020 in the rearview, but they can't step away without a quick discussion on their most and least favorite vehicle debuts from last year. These aren't picks based on popularity or current trends; it's all about from-the-heart and for the most part, they agree. Sort of. Maybe.

Following the review, it's a deep dive into BMW's latest actions in a segment called what were they thinking? If you caught the controversial New Year's social media post from BMW USA, you'll understand the premise of this discussion. However, the co-hosts start linking recent BMW events and decisions together in a conspiracy-theory string that might have you asking what were Smith and Bruce thinking?

The podcast pitstop is complete, and the new episode of Rambling About Cars is here. Catch new episodes every Friday on YouTube (now with video), Apple Podcasts, or Spotify. Like, subscribe, all the good stuff, and if you have feedback or requests, contacts the Chris's at

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