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Frequent readers know we love renderings. From tame creations (like this) meant to preview upcoming models to absolutely outlandish dream machines (like this), we cover just about everything. And during this period of extended stay-at-home time, we thought we’d show a few of our favorite renderings to the people who actually design the cars.

This time around we’re talking with Chris Stevens, one of the exterior designers for the Ford Mustang. Chris is an all-around great dude. He can draw, he teaches design classes, and he created the face of the GT500 Mustang – what’s not to like? Although Chris spends his time sketching what will become real roadgoing Mustangs, today he will be judging a series of renderings that our editors have chosen.

The first is’s Lincoln-based Mustang, which captures the brand’s previous design language, laid out in a two-door sports car. Though Lincoln is clearly headed in a crossover-centric direction, the idea of a luxurious Mustang has us wondering what could have been. Following the LincolnStang is an X-Tomi Design rendering that is most likely to see life as a SEMA project.

Known simply as the Raptor Mustang, this imagination takes all of the beefy off-road cues from Ford’s most famous truck, the F-150 Raptor, and sticks them on the Mustang. In theory… awesome, but on paper this Frankenstein car is polarizing at best. Rounding up the bunch is one of our favorite renderings in recent memory, the Shelb-E.

A 2020 GT500 sketch by Chris Stevens

Taking the most aggressive cues from the GT500 and repurposing them on the all-electric Mustang Mach-E, this is the futuristic mashup we can only dream about. Yes, there’s a hood scoop, and yes, there are carbon fiber wheels, but we hope Ford takes note and delivers on an ultra high-performance Mach-E at some point.

Watch the full video to see how Stevens reacts to each rendering and whether or not he thinks any of the bunch could someday make it to Ford’s lineup. And if you have an automotive rendering that you’d like to share, email it to, or send us a DM on Instagram,

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