2020 will be synonymous with new adventures - many of which will likely take place on the road - and we want you to enjoy the road safely.

While road safety has evolved significantly in past decades, there’s still more to make road traffic safer. This requires many improvements, including better road safety management, safer vehicles and roads, better post-crash response, and of course, safer users. As far as safer road users are concerned, everyone can play their part.

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Whether you’re a driver, cyclist, biker or a pedestrian, your vision plays a fundamental role in your journey while on the road. Your vision helps you stay focused and aware of your surroundings, facilitating quick decision-making. Good vision is critical at all distances, in all conditions, all your life, which is why taking care of your eyesight is essential.

Poor vision is the world's most common disability, yet 80% of all visual impairments can be prevented*: everyone should make sure their eyesight is up to the task of driving, riding or walking, though respecting the rules of the road remains paramount.

Since 2017, Essilor has partnered with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) to raise awareness of the importance of vision and make it a cornerstone for the safety of all road users with the "Road safety starts with good vision" campaign, promoting the FIA's new golden rule: "Check your vision".

Essilor, #1 in spectacle lenses worldwide**, provides tailor-made vision solutions to help you see better and feel safer on the road. Essilor lenses go beyond correction and combine three pillars of excellence in one single lens: Correct your vision, Protect your eyes, and Enhance clarity. Follow the recommendation of your eye care professional to get the fully personalised lenses that suit your lifestyle to enjoy the road safely.

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Maximise your vision on the road by taking the Essilor Vision & Road Safety quiz! You will receive a personalised vision solution recommendation – including eyeglass and sunglass options – which may help improve your road safety.

* 2014, WHO, Fact sheet N°282

** Euromonitor, Eyewear 2019 edition; Essilor International SA Company; Retail value sales at RSP.

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